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Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic care provides benefits for every member of your family. 

Babies undergo many stressors that are easily overlooked.  From the birthing process to learning how to turn over and twisting their bodies, they acquire subluxations that can be the cause of colic, poor feeding, acid reflux, and poor sleeping to name a few.  Parents who have had a baby with colic know how hard it is not only on the baby, but on the bonding process also.  Studies show that chiropractic care has a 98% success rate with treating colic!  Ear infections can also be treated successfully with chiropractic care.  As an infant, the eustachian tubes in the ears are more horizontal and easily hold fluid, causing pressure and pain on the ear drums.  Adjustments to the ear and neck to promote drainage of the fluid will help the ear heal and the pain to resolve.

When adjusting babies, the technique differs from when adjusting adults.  In the infant stage, light pressure is applied to the vertebrae of the neck to obtain the needed movement.  The back and pelvis are adjusted with light fingertip pressure to the spine and pelvis, with additional movement from the legs.

As the child grows, new stressors are placed on the body.  Think of how many times your child falls when learning to walk!  Occasional re-alignments will help their bodies adapt to all of the wonderful changes and growth they experience.   Chiropractic care, throughout life, helps ensure that the body will be at its optimal nervous system and biomechanical balance.